The number one words states must use on Google to spell it correctly

google trends If you haven’t checked it out, they still have the topics people are looking for and they’ve posted a # 1 word map saying people have googled because people don’t know how to spell it. And some of those words are short.

Tennessee is the only state with a four-letter word number 1 and that word is gray. GRAY is more common in the United States, while other countries spell it GRAY.

Five states have problems with five-letter words: Wisconsin cannot spell “calm, Kentucky has problems with the word” color, Hawaii cannot spell “bagel”, South Dakota cannot spell ” equal, and North Carolina does not. ” know how to spell donut.

The six-letter words are # 1 in seven states: friend in Arizona and Indiana “assist, Utah, hungry, New Mexico, cousin” in Pennsylvania, quarry in Delaware, and the slang term “candle In Connecticut. (Pronounced BOOJ-ee.)

The main seven or eight letter words we struggle with are: Because, dessert, favorite tomorrow, question, teacher, enemy of supplies, and anxious.

Beautiful is the most common word BIG that we cannot spell if nine letters are large. It is # 1 in California, Nevada, Oregon, North Dakota, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey.

And here are our two favorite stats: The # 1 word people in Colorado have to Googling to spell correctly is COLORADO. ”And the most important word in Alabama is Georgia.

Correct spelling Spelling tips Common spelling mistake

Some things to remember when spelling words
housing, housing two cs, two ms housing, housing
I get before I reach
from side to side
aggressive, aggression double aggressive, aggression
apparently not-not-apparently
appearance ends in -ance appearance
argument no e after argument u
assassination two double s assassination
basically ends in -ally basically
starting the double n before the start -ing
believe me before you believe, believe
weird a z, double -r weird
business starts with business
calendar -ar not -er calendar
Caribbean one r, two Caribbean bs
the cemetery ends with the -ery cemetery
chauffeur ends with -eur chauffeur
colleague -ea- in the middle
come a m come
double m committee, double t, double e committee
completely ends in -ely completely
conscious -sc- in the conscious environment
curiosity -os- in the middle curiosity
certainly -ite- not-eaten- certainly
dilemma -mm- not -mn- dilemma
disappear one s, two ps disappear
disappoint one s, two ps disappoint
ecstasy ends with –sy ecstacy
embarrass two rs, embarrass two s
environment n before m environment
existence ends with -ence existence
Fahrenheit begins with Fahr- Farenheit
familiar ends with -iar familar
finally two ls finally
fluorescent begins with fluor- fluorescent
foreigner before I foriegn
predictable begins with predictable
forty starts with forty-four
before begins with before- before
friend I have before e friend
further begins with further
the essential begins with g-jist
glamor -mor- in the middle of glamor
government before m government
the guard begins with the guard
arrived ends in -ened arrived
harass, harass one r, two s harass, harassment
honorary -ni- in the middle of honoraria
humorous -mor- in the middle humorous
idiosyncrasy ends with -asy idiosyncrasy
ends immediately with -ely immediately
incidentally ends with -ally incidentally
independent ends with -ent independent
interrupt two rs interrupt
irresistible ends in -ible irresistible
know how to remember the d know
liaise, bond remember the second i: liais- liase, liason
lollipop i in the middle lollipop
millennium, millennia double l, double n millennium, millennia
Neanderthal ends in -thal Neanderthal
necessary one c, two s necessary
notable remember the middle e notable
occasion two cs, one occasion, occasion
has occurred, occurs two cs, two rs have occurred, occurs
occurrence two cs, two rs, -ence non -ance occurrence, occurrence
pavilion a l pavilion
persistent ends in -ent persistent
pharaoh ends in -aoh pharaoh
room i before e room
politician ends in -cian politician
Portuguese ends with -guese Portuguese
possession two s in the middle and two at the end possession
preferred, preferring two rs preferred, preferring
propaganda begins with propaganda
publicly ends with –cly publicly
really two ls really
receive e before receiving
referred, referring two rs referred, referring
religious ends with -gious religous
remember -mem- in the middle rember, remember
resistance ends with resistance -ance
sense ends with -sence
separated -by- in the middle separated
seat i front e seat
two successful cs, two successful s
replace ends with -sede supercede
surprise begins with surprise
two ts tattoo, two bones tatoo
the trend ends with the -ency trend
therefore ends with -fore
threshold one h in the average threshold
tomorrow one m, two rs tomorrow, tomorrow
language starts with ton-, ends with -gue tounge
really no e really
unforeseen remember the e after the unforeseen r
unfortunately ends with -ely unfortunately
up to a l at the end up to
weird e before i weird
anywhere an e in the middle anywhere
who starts with what

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