The tragic death of Prince Amiir’s son led to his divorce from Mayte Garcia and haunted them forever

A year after their son Amiir died, Prince Mayte Garcia’s ex-wife released a memoir in which she shared details of the boy who died six days after his birth and left a hole in their hearts forever.

When American music icons are mentioned, one name that’s sure to make the list is Prince. The legendary singer is one of the greatest to ever grace the stage, and he possessed undeniable talent.

When Prince was just 19, he signed with Warner Bros. Records and has been so successful. Prince has released many successful albums including “Purple Rain”, “Sign ‘O The Times” and many more, which remain popular to this day.

Prince has sold over 150 million records and received several prestigious awards and accolades during his lifetime. However, he passed away suddenly on April 21, 2016, at the age of 57.

His death shocked many people around the world as few had anticipated. Despite the far-reaching impact of his music and illustrious career, little was known about Prince’s personal life.

The singer tried his best not to linger in the spotlight and kept to himself most of the time. Therefore, few people knew that he had a son who died soon after he was born.

Prince has married twice in his life. His first marriage was with Mayte Garcia, with whom he welcomed his son. Learn more about the legendary singer’s son and his marriage to Garcia.


As a child, Garcia was a big fan of Prince and idolized the singer. Her fantasies about her came true when she joined him on tour as a dancer and later became his wife.

Prince and Garcia met when she was 16. Her mother managed to get a video of her playing the popular singer, and when he saw her, he asked to meet the teenager.

Despite Garcia’s young age, Prince is said to have pointed out that she was his future wife when they first met. Their friendship was platonic at first as they exchanged letters, but it deepened when she turned 18.

Prince invited Garcia to dance on his Diamonds and Pearls tour after his 18th birthday. They subsequently dated for four years before getting married on February 14, 1996. Garcia was 22 at the time, while Prince was 37. A few months after their marriage, Garcia became pregnant with their first child.

Garcia gave birth to a son on October 16, 1996. In a memoir titled “The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince”, which she wrote a year after Prince’s death, she detailed her moments with Prince and the birth. of their son.

For many people, Prince and Garcia’s son’s name was Boy Gregory. However, the couple named their son Amiir, the originally Platonic Arabic name for Prince. She explained how they came up with the name.

Garcia also recounted how the press concluded that his son’s name was Boy Gregory. When Amiir was born, she went to the hospital as Mia Gregory to hide her identity.

After Amiir was born, an ID was placed on the incubator with the words “Boy”, as is the usual practice. The Boy label was followed by her mother’s last name, Gregory, the name she recorded at the hospital.

Garcia said a person not permitted to share information about his family attempted to sell his son’s photo to a tabloid reporter. The reporter saw the tag on the incubator and stupidly reported Amir’s name as Boy Gregory.

Garcia lamented that the wrong name kept being repeated and said it hurt and offended her because every time she saw him she was saddened by the betrayal of her family’s privacy following the loss. tragedy of their son.

She also said Prince wanted to keep his children’s names and genders private and didn’t like celebrities selling pictures of babies to tabloids.

In her memoir, Garcia revealed that Amiir was born with Pfeiffer syndrome type 2, a rare genetic condition. He was born by Caesarean, and after his birth, Prince was overjoyed and looked cheerful.

However, when they held the baby in front of the lights, the joy on his face turned to sheer terror. She described Pfeiffer’s type 2 syndrome and its devastating symptoms and said she couldn’t understand what she was seeing looking at her son.

The operating room nurses made frantic attempts to save Amiir’s life. Garcia above Prince, asking why their son isn’t crying. Someone inside wanted her to let her son go, but she had to understand that nurses were required by law to resuscitate him.

Prince brought his face closer to hers, grabbed her hand and told her their son would be fine. Amiir has undergone various procedures recommended by doctors. Unfortunately, he began to have difficulty breathing after six days and died at the age of six.

Garcia wrote that Amiir’s gift to her was motherhood. She said her son taught her that it was a privilege to love someone more than yourself and showed her that she can sacrifice her heart to protect her child.

She said she couldn’t describe Prince’s experience with the loss of her son, but could only say what she saw through the haze of his pain.

Garcia compared Prince’s reaction to that of a paratrooper who jumped out of a plane, had the best gear, and did everything right. After jumping, the diver felt euphoria and felt confident.

However, he discovered that his parachute was tangled, and while trying to fix it, he tore himself off. Now the diver has only his faith left as he has fallen freely in the air. He watched the hard ground as it swooped down on him and knew right away that if he survived the fall he would never be the same again.

Garcia also said she doubted Prince ever recovered from Amir’s death. She also said she was unsure how anyone could get over such an experience and added that she still hadn’t recovered from it.

After Amir’s death, Prince was heartbroken and grieved to do a lot more work. So he took care of the studio and released the acoustic album “The Truth”, which he sold as a package with his album “Crystal Ball”.

The shortest song on the album was called “Comeback”, and it was an emotional song. Later, fans realized that it was probably Amir’s death.

After Amiir’s death, things were never the same between Garcia and Prince. The death of their son was a heavy blow to their marriage. The situation worsened after she got pregnant for the second time, but had a miscarriage.

The deaths of two children were brutal to bear, and it was difficult for them to move forward as a couple. In 1999, their marriage was called off, while they officially divorced in 2000.

Prince married for the second time in 2001 when he married Manuela Testolini. However, they divorced in 2006. He was found dead at his home in Paisley Park, Minnesota on April 21, 2016. An autopsy report revealed that he had died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl, which he reported. had self-administered.

In an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” a year after Prince’s death, Garcia said she didn’t know about his drug use. She said music was her drug and she kept it going.

She also described her memoir as an honor to the late singer and what they had. Garcia also described the memories as a beautiful story.

She said Prince’s death was a tragic loss and happened suddenly. Therefore, she wanted to be among the first people to share her story, and she chose to share something intimate and loving.

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