Three stormwater issues discussed at Clarks Green Council meeting

CLARKS GREEN – At the Clarks Green Council meeting on August 18, Zoning Officer George Parker announced three issues regarding stormwater runoff.

The first problem he discussed was a cul-de-sac near 103 Pineview Circle. He said there is an entrance but not at the lowest point causing water to flow into an owner’s driveway.

“It causes him damage to his yard and his foundation,” Parker said.

Parker said the borough engineer had carried out a study to determine a solution to the flow problem. He said he came up with an engineering estimate of $ 103,106 to install an additional catchment area. He asked council if it was a rounding issue.

Council chairman Joe Barrasse said he consulted with lawyer Al Weinschenk, who said it was a rounding issue.

Council voted to allow engineers to obtain three proposals for the repairs and sumps needed at 103 Pineview Circle. The second issue Parker mentioned was a drainage situation near 321 Crest Drive. He said he had already spoken with the owner when he applied for a patio permit. He said the owner questioned people in the borough, including the lawyer.

“It appears that there has never been an assignment of the storm water system from this development to the borough,” Parker said. “Consequently, there would be no borough purchases.

Weinschenk said he and Parker reviewed the Crest Drive subdivision map in 2013. He said stormwater drainage from Gordon Drive to Crest Drive is shown on the Clarks Summit border subdivision plan.

“There is no easement granted to the borough by the developer or one of the landowners which would oblige the borough to prepare the part of the drainage installation which is on private property or any other family there. -low, “he said.

Weinschenk said the borough had no responsibility for maintaining, repairing or replacing the area’s drains or underground pipes. He mentions that the borough placed a culvert under Gordon Drive because it was under a public road. Parker said the third issue was a stormwater drainage situation on the 200 Squirrel Run. He said the owner told him the rear of the property was inundated with water, which was draining from Fairview Road along the rear line of the development. He said he would investigate further.

In his public works report, City Councilor Dave Rinaldi announced that he had received a proposal from Auto Artist, located in Factoryville, to do lettering on the two new trucks, the F-350 and the F-550. He said the proposal is $ 250 per truck.

“The foreman got us a proposal from one of the few places where we paint the lettering by hand,” he said.

The board voted to approve Auto Artist’s proposal in the amount of $ 500. Additionally, Rinaldi said American Asphalt started the paving project by placing marks on Possum Way and at the intersection of Evans Street and Armstrong Avenue. He said American Asphalt will replace piping and sumps and restore the edges of Possum Way. He said they will examine the base to determine repairs and then pave the roads. In his Abington Regional Wastewater Authority (ARWA) report, Rinaldi mentioned that ARWA had a new member, Casey Monagan, an engineer from the Township of South Abington, to fulfill the term of Bob Kelly who is currently retired.

In his treasury report, Alan Hughes suggested opening an account specifically for US stimulus funds. “So when we disburse those funds, we have a lead as to receiving the money and disbursing the money,” he said.

Hughes said he spoke with NBT Bank, in which he suggested setting up a checking account with a minimum of $ 1,000 and an interest rate of 0.01%.

The board voted to open an account at NBT Bank under the name of Clarks Green Borough American Recovery Plan in the amount of $ 72,954.44. Secretary Jo Ann Culbertson told Hughes he will have to report annually if they do. Hughes withdrew the motion and made another motion to authorize the establishment after the review with the auditors. Council voted to approve this motion.

In his mayoral report, Ken McGraw announced that construction will begin soon for Astra Wealth Advisors, which will be located on the former Hawk Oil property.

In other matters, council voted to order that bags of leaves to be distributed to borough residents be delivered by council and advise residents to only take out the bags on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

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