Tom Pagliarulo talks training confidence with Calvin Kattar and Rob Font

The New England Cartel has well-known members, from the best Calvin Kattar and Rob Font, to coach and manager Tyson Chartier. Tom Pagliarulo may not yet be a well-known commodity in the MMA world, but he is a key member of the New England Cartel.

His trainer, Tyson Chartier, said the following about Pagliarulo:

“I’m delighted to see him back in the cage,” Chartier said via text. “He is a true example of hard work, dedication and benchmarking. The sky is the limit for this kid not only because of his talent, but because he does whatever it takes. He does them all year round, not just at camp.

Pagliarulo has spoken of being a member of the New England Cartel, along with his colleagues Font and Kattar. Pagliarulo was a primary training partner for Max Holloway’s fight for Kattar, and was found by Rob Font years ago, molded into the talent we see today.

“I’m with the right group of people,” Pagliarulo said. “I trust them, they trust me. We’re going to keep doing our thing, keep winning big fights. We have a small circle, but a good circle. That Holloway fight, we had some good rounds, me and Cal (Calvin Kattar), it showed me that well I’m not afraid to stay here with Cal, there’s no one they’re gonna put in front of me on the regional scene that will intimidate me, ”Pagliarulo continued. “I treat all of these guys on the regional scene like they’re the best in the world.”

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