Trader Joe’s Sign Maker Shows How She Creates Price Charts on TikTok

TikToker Sarah Orrico (@sarahorrico) posts videos of her panel creation process for Trader Joe’s, which include #satisfactory sounds and fonts. In a TikTok released on December 31, she uses specialized markers to draw on a Trader Joe’s panel that has been “repainted,” which makes drawing more difficult.

“Tables that have been repainted are not smooth and satisfying to write on,” the TikToker wrote in the overlay text of the video. The video, which has received over 3 million views, shows that Orrico has a hard time erasing on the painted board. “The markers were terrible to work with this one. “


They can’t all be winners 😅 #ASMR #Fail #TraderJoesArtist #HappyNewYear #StaySafe #satisfying #not

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After posting the video, TikToker received requests to show off some of her other work for Trader Joe’s, explain how she ended up making signs for the store, and discuss the similarity of all of Trader Joe’s signs across the country. .

“Each store actually has its own font,” she says in a TikTok follow-up. “For us in my store we have a pattern with the numbers and letters on it and you just follow that pattern and you just practice. And then you, you know, can add your own little spice.

Orrico has been with Trader Joe’s since 2016 and applied as a “regular crew member”.

“There is no art post,” she explained to the follow-up. “But if you want to try to get into the art department, you have to apply to Trader Joe’s and bring your portfolio and show an interest in art when you have your interview.”

She clarified that she was not “endorsed” by Trader Joe’s or that she did not represent the store in her videos in a TikTok caption.

The Daily Dot contacted Orrico via TikTok commentary and Trader Joe’s via email.

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* First published: January 9, 2022, 4:00 p.m. CST

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