Twenty years a Natural Monument

Campanet is home to Mallorca’s most unusual natural phenomenon – the Fonts Ufanes.


Campanet is home to Mallorca’s most unusual natural phenomenon – the Fonts Ufanes. The springs, which are on the Gabelli Petit public finca, were declared a Natural Monument twenty years ago; the anniversary was celebrated earlier this week.

This declaration created a protected natural area. The likelihood that anything was done to threaten the sources was extremely low, but by becoming a natural monument any possible threat was eliminated. Environment Minister Miquel Mir said on Wednesday that the Fonts Ufanes “are one of the most unique phenomena of the Tramuntana mountains”. One of the most unique? Make it unique, Miquel. There is nothing to compare.

From an organizational point of view, the sources fall under the hydraulic resources department of the Ministry of the Environment. While the Gabellí Petit springs and finca have their obvious environmental values, the springs are a manifestation of a water supply chain. There is an aquifer that is part of a supply network, and it is from this aquifer that the springs flow – they have done so 76 times since the declaration of a Natural Monument. The source of the springs is the rain on Puig Tomir and its surroundings. This accumulates in the aquifer. Given the nature of what lies below, when the rain is particularly intense, springs gush out.

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