United States to Return 18th-Century Baptismal Font from Former Sonoran State Church to Mexico

The authorities of the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico will receive from the hands of the Historical Society of Arizona, USA, the baptismal font of the XVIII century and a holy water sprinkler belonging to a Mexican church, protected objects in Tucson. This is part of a bilateral cultural promotion agreement signed by the two nations.

Of agreement to the Secretary of Culture of Mexico, the old oval battery made some 300 years It was forged in copper and features a multilobed floriferous design. In addition, its exterior was adorned with designs depicting various green and orange petals, all of which were painted and carved by hand.

Likewise, the Latin American country will salvage a holy water sprinkler hand-carved in copper by Mexican artisans during the 19th century. Both cultural assets will be returned and exhibited in the Temple of the Immaculate Conception in Caborca, in the border state of Sonora, where they were extracted.

The restitution of objects is given within the framework of the collaboration agreement signed between the two nations to promote cultural dissemination and recognition of the identity of the border region, through the loan of cultural objects of historical value.

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