Updating Microsoft Word Means You’ll Never Get Stuck With Comic Sans Again

Finding the perfect font for your next creative project in Microsoft Word is about to get a lot easier as Microsoft adds a redesigned font picker to its desktop software.

Whether you plan to write in Helvetica, Times New Roman, Arial, or even Comic Sans, there are plenty of free font resources available online to help you with your job or even your resume stand out from the crowd. However, being able to quickly access your favorite fonts has always been a bit more difficult as you often have to scroll through a long list.

Now, however, in a new post on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, Microsoft has revealed that it will soon be adding a redesigned modern font picker to Office.

Modern font picker

Microsoft Office’s Modern Font Picker is a completely redesigned Office experience that makes it easy to find, save, and access all your favorite fonts.

Using the redesigned font picker, users can pin their favorite fonts so they can be accessed from any device or platform. This means that whether you use one of the best laptops for copywriters or even your smartphone, all of your pinned fonts will be able to be used in your Office documents.

Microsoft’s new Font Picker also makes it easy to view all of the fonts used in a document, including notifications for missing and built-in fonts. You can even choose from all the styles available for a font family, such as simply bold, italic, or more exotic variations like condensed semi-bold italic. At the same time, in the Office Fonts section, users will be able to see which fonts are available on all platforms and do not need to be embedded in a document.

The redesigned Font Picker for Microsoft Office is expected to start rolling out later this month so Word users have access to all of their favorite fonts and can add some visual flair to their documents.

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