Víctor Font insists that it was possible to retain Messi in …

The name of Victor Police appeared in the ballots for the presidential elections of FC Barcelona celebrated in March. However, most of the partners ended up putting their trust in a famous old lady, Joan. Laporta, which happened with the renewal of Lionel messi as one of his election promises.

However, it was not possible to retain the Argentinian, all the time that the salary limits had been exceeded, by what he had to oust and possibly sign by Paris Saint Germain Despite everything, the ex-candidate, Victor Police, assured that this possibility was viable if he had assumed the presidency.

In statements for TV3, Font explained that he had a strategy: “I am convinced it could prevent Messi’s exit. With a roast it was not enough. With our crash plan that was to reduce the payroll gave us leeway for Messi to stay . We had planned to make him a vitalicio chord.

Xavi was also part of his proposal

Likewise, the ex-candidate had made it clear that egarense was the ideal candidate for the Barcelona bench: “we knew it was importantísimo that the project was in good hands. Was very clear that in my project Xavi had to have all the power of the sports zone“.

In this direction, Character font recognized the tarpaulin by part of Laporta: “we were working on a sports structure to guarantee a splendid future. I celebrate the fact that although Laporta thought Xavi was unprepared, I went into sanity and now order Xavi“.

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