Víctor Font was seen in Port wine with the City T-shirt

Víctor Font moved to Porto city to support Manchester City in Champions League final which will be celebrated on the night of this Saturday in front of Chelsea FC. The one who went for the presidential election of FC Barcelona has spoken openly on more than one occasion of the friendship relationship which is supported by Ferran Soriano, CEO of the English photo. Moreover, Font also knows Guardiola well, to the one who wants him to return to the team of his life in another role that was not that of technician.

Accompanied by one of his children and wearing with a celestial T-shirt with the back 4 of Pep Guardiola, and next to other friends, to Víctor Font saw him stroll along the Duero a few hours for the continental final of the Champions League, to which presupposes that it goes to help a clear support to the citizen team.

Around six thousand Manchester City fans and others from Chelsea, in addition to the 1,700 reserved for home fans and other UEFA commitments. Who means that two-thirds of Do Dragao will be full during engagement who will challenge the English images, who will struggle to climb with the ‘Orejona’.

Controversial presence

The presence of Víctor Font in the city of Porto, Portugal, seat of the grand final of the Champions League, supposes a big controversy, especially for Barcelona. The former presidential candidate of the Barcelona club saw him wear the Manchester City T-shirt, which for many could mean a serious fault on the part of the employer to his team, FC Barcelona.

Second English final of the last 5 years

European football has returned to offer an English final in the past five years. Liverpool and Tottenham played the Champions League grand final in the 2018-2019 edition, which ended up winning the joint network. This Saturday Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City will measure in front of Chelsea FC to determine the champion of this edition.

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