[Well-Curated Weekend] Too much time, not much to do on Chuseok vacation?

The traditional representation of Icheon “geobuknori” is reconstructed on the grounds of the National Folk Museum of Korea in Seoul. (National Folk Museum of Korea)

For those who want to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit of Chuseok, the National Folk Museum of Korea has various events, which started on Tuesday and will run until September 26.

In the lobby of the National Folk Museum of Korea, there is a special photo area decorated on the theme of Chuseok.

Since some families cannot vacation together due to COVID-19, the museum has also placed “banbogi” postcards in the lobby so visitors can write to their families. Banbogi refers to the traditional Korean custom of meeting relatives out of town halfway between the two dwellings.

While enjoying the exhibits in the exhibition hall on Mondays and Wednesdays, don’t forget to take photos of the relics related to the harvest. The museum offers a special gift box to visitors that show harvest photos.

In the hallway near the third exhibition hall of the National Folk Museum of Korea, augmented reality content allows visitors to experience traditional Korean folk games.

There are also special gifts for children on Wednesday at the National Folk Museum of Korea’s children’s museum. After watching outdoor exhibits such as the Korean-style water wheel and the stone tower, children can participate in a mobile quiz and receive gifts.

For kids who enjoy watching YouTube, the museum’s YouTube channel has a fun video about traditional Korean holiday customs from Chuseok like Icheon’s “geobuknori”. Young people from Icheon collect sorghum stalks and use them to make a turtle costume. Two people wear the costume and together visit the houses in the village to get rid of bad luck.

Seoul Arts Center

During Chuseok’s vacation, Seoul Arts Center will be showing various artistic performances in its open-air Plaza Cinema.

Some of the centre’s best productions will be shown on a newly installed outdoor screen next to the Seoul Museum of Calligraphic Art.

Recordings of performances produced by the arts center will be screened along with independent films and Sac on Screen series. “Beloved Geumgangsan” (unofficial translation), by sopranos Sumi Jo and Aida Garifullina, and “The Story of an Old Couple” are just a few examples.

A digital image of “Saehando (Winter Scene)” by master Kim Jeong-hui (1786-1856) will also be shown. The 1844 painting, created in the fourth year of Kim’s exile on Jeju Island, is one of the most famous paintings from the Joseon period (1392-1910).

As Seoul is currently under Social Distancing Level 4, screenings at the Plaza Cinema will be Saturday through Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Monday.

Due to the Chuseok holiday, the Seoul Arts Center Music Hall will be closed Monday through Wednesday. The centre’s art exhibition will remain open every day except Monday.

“Harvest Season” by Baek Kyeong-won (Korean Heritage Preservation Society Yeol)

“Harvest Season” by Baek Kyeong-won (Korean Heritage Preservation Society Yeol)

Handicraft exhibition in Yeol

The beauty of contemporary Korean crafts is on display until October 4 at the “Damda” exhibition at Yeol Bukchonga in central Seoul.

Eight promising artisans from different fields of craftsmanship, encompassing contemporary craftsmanship of glass, wood, metal and ceramics, participate in the exhibition.

Under the theme of “Damda”, which means “to contain”, Kang Seok-geun collected pieces of glass that contain different keepsakes and created glass crafts that contains a variety of keepsakes. Metal artist Kim Hyun-sung has created a metal chandelier reinterpreted in a unique and contemporary way.

Other participating artists include ceramic artist Baek Kyeong-won, glass artist Park Seon-min, metal artist Sim Hyeon-seok and metal artist Jo Seong-ho.

The Yeol Korean Heritage Preservation Society, the organizer of the exhibition, strives to support Korean artists through a scholarship program, the Yeol Artisan of the Year Award and the Yeol Young Craftman of the Year Award.

The “Damda” exhibition is open from 11 am to 5 pm Tuesday to Saturday. It will be closed for Chuseok on Sunday and Monday. Reservations are required to visit Yeol Bukchonga. For more information, visit the organization’s website.

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