What is Instagram Sans? The app’s new font for 2022 is a bold change

No, you’re not imagining anything – your Instagram is different. If you’ve noticed subtle changes to the app recently, it’s because Instagram updated its font and logo. Your go-to place for sharing your favorite photos and creating stories has quietly added a new font option called Instagram Sans. The novelty of your app also came with a redesigned logo with more vibrant colors. To help you keep up with the changes, you probably want to know where to find Instagram’s new font for 2022. Here’s what to know about the latest option and everything you can do with it on the app.

The update went live on May 23 and has since popped up on Stories and Reels in the form of text, location tags, hashtags, and mentions. Instagram’s new font, Instagram Sans, resembles the ever-available Comic Sans, but the new font named after it has its own unique vibe. According to Meta, Instagram Sans has replaced the “Modern” style in the type tool on stories. “Instagram Sans is a contemporary remix of grotesque and geometric styles,” according to a Meta announcement about the change. To try out the font yourself, start creating a story or reel and add text to it. You will see the font appear as the first option in the font lineup.

You’ll also see it as a font for stickers like “Location” and when mentioning other IG users in your story or reel. Since it’s not too big a change, you might wonder if you’re seeing things, but once you get used to it, you’ll notice that the police are the newcomer.

Courtesy of Meta

The minimalist, rounded wordmark is the “in-between” of a circle and a square, which Instagram calls the “squircle.” With an eponymous typeface, the company paid attention to every detail, such as the cursive motion of the letter “Q” and the teardrop in the “a”, which Meta attributes to the “friendly personality” of the typeface.

Meta has also produced new global scripts that include Korean, Arabic, and Kannada to make the app more accessible to users around the world. More than 40 typographers and language professionals were consulted to make these options a reality.

Courtesy of Instagram

In conjunction with the font refresh, Instagram’s ubiquitous camera logo also got a new look, of sorts. The basic logo design hasn’t changed, but the color gradient has been revamped by London-based artist Rose Pilkington to “enhance, refresh and illuminate”, according to Pilkington’s Instagram post. The rainbow gradient is made up of hues of yellow, orange, pink, lavender, and purple, and designed “using an innovative 3D modeling process to make it glow and come alive.”

Instagram doesn’t just make changes to your stories. You may also have noticed a push to do front and center video (and if you can put it back to OG layout), as well as more interactive DMs. TL; DR: There’s a lot going on in your IG app, so make sure your app is updated so you can check for any new events.

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