What’s coming to Disney + Canada in November 2021

Including Marvel’s Dopesick, Hawkeye, Peter Jackson and Shang-Chi’s Beatles documentary

Our picks for the best upcoming new movies and TV shows at Disney + Canada in November 2021.

It’s a big month for Disney + Canada. You will notice that much of the programming takes place on November 12; that’s because the date marks the second anniversary of the streaming service’s launch. Maybe there will be some cake too.

The Beatles: Come Back

Originally advertised as a feature-length documentary, Peter Jackson’s take on the making of Let It Be (and the Beatles’ end) is now a six-hour mini-series that takes place in three parts over the weekend. American Thanksgiving Day. We’ll be there for every minute, even though the last thing Jackson released in three parts was The Hobbit and we all know how that turned out. On the flip side, Jackson’s latest documentary project was the incredibly moving WWI tribute, They Shall Not Grow Old, which demonstrated not only an eerie ability to bring the past to life, but also a willingness to polish it up. ‘official’ story with unexpected outbursts of feelings. And that could make a Beatles project extremely interesting. Premiere on November 25


Based on Beth Macy’s book on America’s Opioid Crisis, this eight-part Hulu miniseries from writer / producer Danny Strong (Recount, Game Change) tackles a huge and complex issue from multiple angles, with a cast led by Michael Keaton, Kaitlyn Dever, Peter Sarsgaard, Rosario Dawson, Will Poulter and Michael Stuhlbarg as President of Purdue Pharma Richard Sackler. 12 november

An image of Simu Liu in Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
Jasin Boland / Marvel Studios

Kim’s Convenience escape, Simu Liu, becomes Shang-Chi star and legend of the ten rings.

Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings

Did you miss it at the movies? Destin’s lush martial arts adventure Daniel Cretton – which features a guy from Kim’s Convenience as Marvel’s latest superhero, and even lets him do most of his own stunts – rides the entire Disney + Day wave on your screen, and they don’t even put it on Premier Access level. And kidding aside, we’re ridiculously happy for Simu Liu, who not only fulfills his lifelong dream of being an action star, but does so alongside true legends like Michelle Yeoh and Tony Leung. Awkwafina isn’t a legend yet, but she’s here too and having the best time. 12 november

Under the helmet: the legacy of Boba Fett

Introduced in The Empire Strikes Back and unceremoniously thrown into a Sarlacc pit in Return Of The Jedi, the original helmeted bounty hunter from Star Wars found his rhythm in season two of The Mandalorian, with Temuera Morrison donning the armor for help Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin with a jam or two. And now that Disney is spinning the character on their own show, The Book of Boba Fett, they’re teasing him with a special examining the character’s enduring presence. We’re just curious to see if they’re willing to admit that Boba’s first appearance was in an animated segment of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special. Don’t hold your breath. 12 november

Marvel’s Hit-Monkey

Did you think MODOK was as weird as Marvel could be? Well, there is now an animated series about a Japanese snow monkey trained as an assassin to get revenge on a Tokyo crime syndicate, for reasons. (In the comics, the character has chased Deadpool on several occasions and actually managed to shoot Spider-Man at one point, so we’d better take him seriously.) Jason Sudeikis is the voice of his spiritual mentor. – a literal mind – George Takei and Olivia Munn are the humans destined to cross paths with the Hairy Avenger. Showrunners Will Speck and Josh Gordon directed Blades Of Glory and Office Christmas Party and the Will Arnett Flaked series, which means we don’t know what to expect. Premiere on November 17th

Marvel studios

Hawk Eye

It’s fair to say that Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton isn’t the most engaging Avenger. Yes, he’s good at archery and holds a grudge, but his power set is pretty poor compared to a Captain America, Hulk, and Thor. So it makes sense to run him in Marvel’s latest miniseries: he can operate on a more appropriate scale, and the six-episode series should give Hailee Steinfeld enough time to steal scenes as Barton’s protege. , Kate Bishop. And yes, Lucky The Pizza Dog is out there somewhere. Premiere on November 24

Here is the full list of new titles available on Disney + Canada in November 2021 by date:


November 3

Bob’s Burgers (season 11)
Bob’s Burgers (season 12, new episode)
Family Guy (season 20, new episode)
The Far North (season 2, new episode)
The Simpsons (season 33, new episode)

November 3

Deadpool 2
Bunny Jojo

November 10

The Far North (season 2, new episode)
The Simpsons (season 33, new episode)

12 november

Dopesick (first episode)

November 17

Bob’s Burgers (season 12, new episode)
Doll face (season 1)
Dopesick (new episode)
Family Guy (season 20, new episode)
The Far North (season 2, new episode)
Marvel’s Hit-Monkey (Season 1 Premiere)
The Simpsons (season 33, new episode)

22 november

Special Christmas Solar Opposites

24 november

Dopesick (new episode)
Family Guy (season 20, new episode)
The Far North (season 2, new episode)
Marvel’s Hit-Monkey (Season 1 Premiere)
The Simpsons (season 33, new episode)

Disney +

November 3

Doogie Kamealoha, MD (season 1, new episode)

November 5

Preparation and landing: Operation Secret Santa

12 november

Nessie’s Ballad (short)
Ciao Alberto (short)
Entrelazados (season 1)
Party (short)
Frozen fever (short)
Get a horse! (short)
Home Sweet Home Alone
Jungle cruise
The Little Match Girl (short)
Marvel Studios Disney + Day 2021 Special
Olaf presents
Paperman (short)
Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings
The Simpsons: A Brand New Short Film
Tangled Ever After (short)
Tick ​​tock tale
Under the helmet: the legacy of Boba Fett
The World According to Jeff Goldblum (Season 2, Episodes 1-5)

November 17

Fancy Nancy (season 3)

November 19

Adventure through the Walt Disney Archives
Mission in the sun
A Christmas from the Muppets: Letters to Santa Claus
20/20: The Most Magical Story on Earth – 50 Years of Walt Disney World

24 november

Hawkeye (first episodes)

25 november

The Beatles: Come Back (Part 1)

November 26

The Beatles: Get Back (part 2)
Deck The Halls: A Mickey Mouse Christmas Special
Ernest saves Christmas

November 27

The Beatles: Come Back (part 3)

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