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From carpenters to Broadway legends, from artists to Pulitzer Prize winners, an indispensable tool brings them all together: a pencil known as the Blackwing 602. Created in the 1930s by Eberhard Faber, this writing instrument, characterized by its sound Unique ferrule design and rectangular gum, is famous for its silk smooth graphite. “The calligraphy pen of pencils”, according to T&C contributor Will Kahn. “It turns note taking into an artistic experience.”

Fans: John Steinbeck, Stephen Sondheim, Truman Capote, Leonard Bernstein, Quincy Jones.

The news: In 1998, the Blackwings were cut short, which created a frenzy; Sondheim reportedly bought a lifetime supply. In 2010 the 602 returned, with new styles (pictured). Today, in a time of stillness and creativity, they are essential – to finally redo projects.

Blackwing 602 (Set of 12)

This story appears in the May 2021 issue of Town and Country.


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