Who is meteorologist Adam Joseph?

METEOROLOGIST Adam Joseph works for ABC6 News and joined Action News’ weather team in April 2005.

Joseph continues to work with the team as a weekday meteorologist.


Adam Joseph is the meteorologist for ABC6 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Who is Adam Joseph?

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Adam Joseph grew up knowing he wanted to be a meteorologist.

His journey began in 1998 when he had his first on-air experience predicting the weather on LSC-TV.

Joseph was still attending Lyndon State College when he got the job, and two years later graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree.

After graduating, his career took him to West Virginia where he became WBOY-TV’s chief weatherman.

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He eventually moved to ABC6 in 2005 as weekend weatherman and worked his way up to weekday prime time.

Joseph’s Facebook page boasts of his accomplishments and the support of those who watch him. In his biography, he expresses his enthusiasm for where he is in his career.

“As a young boy of just 4 years old, I dreamed of being ‘the meteorologist,’ he wrote. “Today I am!

Joseph was voted Philadelphia Magazine’s top meteorologist in 2009, received the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 40 under 40 award for professional excellence and community involvement in 2011, and was voted the world’s second hottest meteorologist by Buzzfeed. in 2017.

“World No. 2?!” Joseph wrote on his Facebook page about the ranking.

“I’m not sure I believe it, and I don’t know if I should be flattered or just laugh about it. But definitely a fun read for you ladies (and some men). You’ll recognize some other familiar faces, too.”

Is Adam Joseph married?

Joseph has two children with longtime partner Karl Kraft, but the couple kept their relationship quiet until the birth of their son in 2014.

The couple had been together for five years before the birth of their son, Jacob, which prompted them to announce not only their first child, but also their relationship.

After officially coming out as gay, Joseph told MyPhilly.com, “Did I hesitate? Maybe for a split second and then it was over.”

He added: “From the day (Jacob) was born, I want him to understand that families come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I want my son to be proud of both his fathers.

“In our eyes, as long as there is unconditional love for a child, it doesn’t matter who they look at or lean on.”

The couple welcomed their daughter, Hannah, in 2016.

“Karl is the perfect match and we’ve built an incredible foundation together to be able to start our family,” Joseph continued.

“It’s been a very long emotional journey, and today part of that journey ended as a new one began.”

Adam Joseph has two children with his partner, Karl Kraft


Adam Joseph has two children with his partner, Karl KraftCredit: Facebook

What happened to his niece?

Joseph announced on April 19, 2022 that his niece had undergone her second brain surgery the previous week and was recovering at home.

His niece, Isabel, is 13 and had been in pain for years, with doctors telling her she was “making it up”, according to Joseph.

She was eventually diagnosed with Chiari malformation type 1, which occurs when part of the brain is too small or distorted. Isabel’s symptoms included headaches, dizziness, leg pain, body aches, ringing in the ears and blurred vision.

She underwent her first surgery in 2019 to relieve pain from the deformity, and on April 12, 2022, she underwent her second surgery.

Joseph posted an update on Facebook thanking viewers and colleagues for the outpouring of support for his niece.

“(The surgery) went as well as it could,” Joseph wrote, saying she still had a long way to go to recover.

“They couldn’t remove the whole tumor because it got tangled in the nerves. … She will have to have radiotherapy in a few months. She is incubated until tomorrow morning and will find out if she has lost her hearing on the left Please keep saying the prayers for her.

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He posted another update on April 19 saying Isabel is still recovering and thanked those who sent him cards and letters.

“HUMANITY AT ITS BEST,” he wrote alongside a photo of mail sent to ABC6 for Isabel.

“I received this photo from a courier colleague sitting on my desk for my niece who had her second brain surgery just a week ago. It really shows the connection to the community.

“For someone who has never met her, taking the time to do so is remarkable.

“…still a very long unknown way to go, but your generosity will help keep it positive.”

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