Why Wuhan’s lab leak theory is dangerous

Regarding “The ‘Theory’ of Laboratory Leaks Is Not One” (Editorial, June 27): Thank you for your editorial debunking the theory that COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan laboratory. This conspiracy theory – promoted by former President Donald Trump – is extremely dangerous. If the American public believed that China caused the deaths of 600,000 Americans, more than World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars combined, there may well be demands for war.

Such a war would be far worse than our endless wars in the Middle East and elsewhere, devastate much of Asia, including our allies, cause massive losses to the United States, and could even go nuclear. Remember the fear of nuclear missiles in Hawaii during the confrontation with North Korea? We need to tone down the anti-Chinese rhetoric.

The harsh reality is that America and China will live together or die together. Compromise, coexistence and peace are our only viable path forward.

Michael Wong, San Francisco

End the bashing of China

Regarding “The ‘Theory’ of Laboratory Leaks Is Not One” (Editorial, June 27): The Chronicle editorial board is to be applauded for taking a courageous and knowledgeable stand against the craze for laboratory leaks. Wuhan Laboratories, which garnered widespread support among officials and lobbied scientific institutions like the WHO to deviate from their findings. At least one scientist has lost a federal grant for refusing to take the anti-China line on this issue.

In general, the treatment of the origins of COVID-19 by politicians and polemicists has ignored or distorted science to the point of embarrassing an advanced nation. But beyond the anti-science attitude, the political consequences of this denigration of China have potentially dangerous consequences, as your editorial points out. One of those consequences could well be a military conflict between our two countries that would be a disaster for both of us – and for the world – as Graham Allison, Henry Kissinger and many others have repeatedly warned.

Call on our politicians to end the bashing of China and negotiate a framework for a peaceful and prosperous world. A scientific attitude towards the pandemic and its origins, illustrated by the editorial in The Chronicle, is a good place to start.

John Walsh, Alameda

A cooling solution

As we are just beginning to feel the effects of the climate crisis such as 110 degree weather, we need bold solutions.

An example could be community-built Earth-air exchange systems that could provide low-emission or zero-emission heating and cooling for everyone.

The renovation cost for individuals or businesses is prohibitive, but imagine that, block by block, we were installing these systems along with the underground electrical systems, installing purple water pipes to support the delivery of the recovered water. and reconfigure roads to better support transit, pedestrians and cyclists. This concept would reduce emissions while building resilience.

Tandra Ericson, Orinda

Clear foggy lenses

Regarding the “Inconveniences of masks” (Letters, June 27): the writer mentions the fogging of his glasses. We believe we have found the solution. We rub mild soap on the glass lenses for a few minutes, then polish with Kleenex, then finish with a cleaning cloth you get from your eye doctor.

Do not use water. Regarding the hearing aid issue, yes my husband tangles his hearing aids with the mask and has to be very careful not to lose the hearing aids. However, wearing the mask against this Delta variant is preferable to the alternative.

Ninfa Woods, Walnut Creek

Win-win scenario

On “Californians Feed Austin’s Growth” (June 28): Californians should be thrilled to know that nearly 200 of us move to Texas every day. This should help reduce water consumption, traffic congestion and possibly even our housing crisis. Perhaps they will also help put Texas in the Democratic column in the next election! (And in case anyone was wondering, the river running through Austin was their own Colorado, not ours.)

Bill Hickman, Berkeley

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