Windows 10: How to embed fonts in PowerPoint (PPT) presentations

If you plan to send your presentation to someone else, you may want to consider learning how to embed fonts in PowerPoint. Although it is not a difficult task, not many people know that this feature is available and that it can increase professionalism.

What is an embedded font in PowerPoint

The PowerPoint Font Embedding feature allows you to store the fonts that you use in your presentation in your PowerPoint file. This usually increases the file size but prevents PowerPoint formatting changes between computers.


When you send a PowerPoint without font embedding, the recipient must have the fonts you used installed on their PC for them to display correctly. While common fonts like Arial are generally suitable, fonts that you have downloaded from the Internet or that are specific to your operating system may not be.

If a PowerPoint user tries to open a presentation that has a missing font, it will be replaced with a different font. Because this font can have a different size or spacing, PowerPoint formatting changes between computers are common. In other words, unless you integrate your PowerPoint fonts.

Here’s how to do it in Office 365 for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 or earlier:

How to embed fonts in PowerPoint for Windows

It only takes a few clicks to activate PowerPoint font integration for your presentation, but it’s true that it’s hidden behind a few menus. Here’s how you can find it:

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and click on “File”

  2. Press “More …> Options”

  3. Click “Save” in the PowerPoint options sidebar

  4. Choose your PowerPoint font embedding method

    When embedding fonts in PowerPoint, you are faced with two options: embed only the characters you use in your presentation or embed all the characters in your font.

    The choice between the two is actually quite simple. You should only embed characters if the recipient does not intend to make any changes to the file. Otherwise, you should integrate all the characters in the font so that they don’t have any problems if they try to type a letter or symbol that you haven’t used yet.

    Check “Embed the fonts in the file”, choose between one of the two options, and then press “OKAY” to save your preferences.

That’s really all you need to do to embed fonts in PowerPoint. Keep in mind, however, that this will not automatically apply to all of your presentations. You will need to manually go to the options and enable it for each presentation you want to embed your PowerPoint fonts into.

As you delve into PowerPoint, you might be interested in learning how to embed a YouTube video into your presentation or customize its ribbon for greater productivity.


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