Workshop to promote art ends at Mahatta

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Srinagar- On the last day of the art exhibition, titled “Mashq-e-Paaeez: Ishq-e-Nabi”, the closing ceremony was held in Mahattas. Students attended a career counseling brainstorming session at the exhibition.

On this occasion, the students were advised on the diversity of career options. A special session was also organized to pay tribute to the ace of the valley, the graphic designer Akhter Rasool, who recently passed away. Participants praised his contributions to digital art. Certificates were also distributed to participants by Ilyas Rizvi, founder of Edraak.

Ilyas Rizvi describes the event as a success and hopes to organize more in the future. “We were successful in providing a platform for amateur artists and they learned how to showcase their art work in an exhibition. Due to the good response from people, we had to extend the workshop twice, we look forward to doing it regularly, ”he said.

“There is a need to create more such spaces, it is an opportunity for people to invest in art and put Kashmir back on the ‘artistic map of the world’. He added.

During the seventeen days of the exhibition, the exhibition and the art workshop were attended by people from various backgrounds. Special sessions were organized for students of various age groups, young people and women.

This year, Milaad coincided with the fall season, so the event was named “Mashq-e-Paa’eez: Ishq-e-Nabi (SAW)”. The event was divided into four categories: Mashq (calligraphy window), Aks (visual window), Dust ‘(art and painting window) and Harf (prose and poetry window).

Notably, it has been over a decade since Edraak tried to engage students in creative art and aesthetic activities in the valley through its workshops and exhibitions. Edraak, a movement that aims to renew education through the arts and aesthetics in Kashmir, opened its exhibition at the Mahatta Gallery in Srinagar on November 5.

The event aimed to encourage budding talent and provide them with a platform. It was a ten day workshop, but due to a good response, the organizers extended it for a few days.

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